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Doctor G.Aiach and Doctor J.B.Duron are both specialist in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Rhinoplasty. Among aesthetic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty is the most challenging for the plastic surgeon. The nose plays a major role in the harmony of the face and its complex anatomy with important variations of the skin cover and the underlying structures (cartilages and bones) explains the difficulties of such a surgery. A good result is a natural nose, harmonious and functional (good breathing). This needs, before surgery, a careful preoperative analysis of the anatomic components of the nose including the nasal fossa and a keen aesthetic eye. 


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Dr G.Aiach has assembled this Atlas providing the necessary guidance to diagnose a wide range of patients problems and formulate the solutions to these problems. Its thoughtful explanations, combined with the excellent operative sequences and artistics renderings that accompany each technical description will assist the surgeon in understanding the nuances of these procedures.

Livre Athlas de Rhinoplastie

Primary Rhinoplasties
Dr Gilbert Aiach / Dr Jean-Brice Duron

Secondary Rhinoplasty
Dr Gilbert Aiach / Dr Jean-Brice Duron

Nose reconstruction
Dr Jean-Brice Duron

Other aesthetic surgeries
Dr Jean-Brice Duron

Face and neck lift
Eyelid surgery
Breast augmentation
Breast reduction
Breast lifting



Where are the scars after a rhinoplasty ?

After a rhinoplasty, there will always be scars inside the nostril. Furthermore, often, there will be a scar under the columella (thin part of the nose situated between the two nostrils).

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