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Reconstruction of the nose

Nose reconstruction by dr. jb duron

Whatever the cause (skin cancer, burn, deformity), amputation of one part of the face is a real drama for the patient and his family. Actually, even if every face is different, we all need to be "normal".

During his residency and chief residency, Dr Jean-Brice Duron quickly fascinated for reconstruction of the face and especially the nose. During four years, he learned it with Professor J-M Servant, M Revol and J-P Monteil, and during this four years, he never stopped to ask himself : how could I do better for these patients ? More recently, he made a practice with the best facial and nasal reconstruction of the world : Dr F Menick (Tucson, Arizona).

Definitely, in 2011, reconstruction of one part of the face might not just mean "filling a all". Every plastic surgeon has to understand that the patient strongly wants to look "normal" again and to know that this wish is possible.

Numerous techniques exist for nasal reconstruction and they depend on the size of the defect, his location, anatomical conditions of the remnents tissues... It should be too long and difficult to explain everything but the only point the patient has to know and believe is that "it’s always possible !" More often, there will be two or three folowing surgeries and each surgery is seperated by 3 or 4 weeks. Mostly, it will necessitate cartilage grafts and a forehead flaps (which just leave a vertical scar on the forehead).

For each different case, Doctor Duron will explain you what you can hope, which is the best way to reach this hope, how many operations it needs and how long it is gonna take. After this explanation, you will have to trust him as he will have to trust you. More than every reconstruction surgery, a nasal reconstruction needs a confidence relashionship between the patient and the surgeon.




Where are the scars after a rhinoplasty ?

After a rhinoplasty, there will always be scars inside the nostril. Furthermore, often, there will be a scar under the columella (thin part of the nose situated between the two nostrils).

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