Ethnic rhinoplasty - Surgery for deviated nose - How to find the good aesthetic surgeon ?

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Our philosophy of rhinoplasty




The nose is composed of several subunits : the root, the dorsum, the supratip, the tip, the columella, the ala and the alar wall. Each subunit sould be in balance with each other as with other volumes of the face


In the past, rhinoplasty was performed with the goal of a small and standardized ideal nose. This ideal nose was varying with fashions and civilizations but was not paying attention to the configuration of the other structures of the face (forehead, cheeks, lips, chin). However, if every nose is different in shape and size, these differences should also persist after a rhinoplasty. The operation should not remove the personal characteristics of the face and of the patient. Advances in modern rhinoplasty should allow the surgeon to apply the numerous new technques in order to get a natural and harmonious result which in not recognized as one operated nose. Achieve such good results suppose a solid experience, a good mastering of techniques and an acute aesthetic and psychologic sense. For this reason, the selection of a plastic surgeon specialized in rhinoplasty is crucial. Mastering all the techniques, even the latest, will allow him to chose the best for you and not the only one he knows.


 How to select your plastic surgeon ?

Being a specialist in rhinoplasty suppose a passion and an important investment from the plastic surgeon. This passion has lead Dr G.Aiach and Dr J.B.Duron to participate in numerous courses and meetings exculsively dedicated to aesthetic surgery of the nose. In these meetings, there are productive exchanges with colleagues who are also expert in rhinoplasty and this helps them to be aware of every new technical improvement all around the world.

Whatever the country, we would recommand the patients to choose a surgeon who is specialized in primary and secondary rhinoplasty.



Where are the scars after a rhinoplasty ?

After a rhinoplasty, there will always be scars inside the nostril. Furthermore, often, there will be a scar under the columella (thin part of the nose situated between the two nostrils).

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